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How to Obtain a Record of a Former Car Insurance Provider

Aseguranzas Abril 5, 2013

If you have a problem at your Department of Motor Vehicles, you may need to locate old records. This includes old car insurance policies. While many auto insurance companies will purge online records, most are required to retain copies of insurance policies for a number of years (state-dependent). It is possible to find old records with a little research.

Go through all of your old records. If you keep organized files on loans, mortgages and cars, start there. You should retain your financial records for a period of years. Try to locate a copy of your old insurance policy. Also, use the search function in your email folder to try to find old insurance binders.

Contact your bank to get old records of bank statements if you do not remember the name of the insurance company. Locate the bank statements for the period during which you maintained the old auto insurance coverage. Look at cancelled checks and e-payments for the name of the insurance provider.

Call your local DMV if you still cannot find the old policy or the name of the old insurer. Ask a DMV representative to perform a search, using your car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). This should bring up all the old records of coverage for the car in question.

Research the contact information for the insurance company. Contact the personal auto insurance department. Provide the insurance representative with all the information you have pertaining to the old policy–your name, Social Security number, address, car VIN and policy number.

Ask for the old insurance binder to be emailed, faxed or mailed directly to you. Before getting off the phone, double-check the coverages and make sure they match your name and car VIN. The old insurance binder will show all previous coverages and monthly premiums.

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