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How to Get to the Farm on WolfQuest

Uncategorized Julio 1, 2012

“WolfQuest” is an educational massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by the Minnesota Zoo Association. You can explore a vast variety of landscapes, most of which are based on the American West and Southwest. The cattle farm is an accessible area in Slough Creek. You sneak into the cattle farm to complete quests and feed on unattended calves. In any area of Slough Creek, follow the river east until you reach the high fence for the cattle farm.



Click the “Map” button on your menu screen in Slough Creek to find your current location. Close your map and head toward the river.

Walk along the river, heading east until you reach the tall fence. The cattle farm is at the edge of the map, so your journey takes some time.

Jump over the tall fence in an area without nearby cows. If you jump too closely to the cows, they will panic and chase you off of the farm.

Find an lone calf in the pen and kill it. If you hear dogs barking, leave the area as quickly as possible before the farmer finds you.

Jump the fence to exit the cattle farm area. Continue running until you have safely escaped from the dogs and farmer.


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